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Digital Marketing Plans

Digital Billboards- “The Buildout” 

Portal Licensing Fees, Videography, Photography, Setting Up and Buildout of Your Digital Marketing Platform and Free Maintenance.  

$2,399.00  ($399 Renewal)

  • Our digital internet marketing and video syndication strategy brands your company, engages customers, directs more traffic to your website, and gets you in front of on-line prospects who use mobile devices to locate local businesses.
  • We build mobile websites billboards which target smartphones, mobile devices, digital maps, and local search engine indexes. We optimize your mobile sites, create special featured messages, and we include Click-to-call features that sends more clients to your front door or push more traffic to your website.
  • We research your market, design marketing ideas, write business listings profiles, create keywords rich text, and build out your digital presence in fifty-seven major search engines, mobile apps, social media, and mapping marketing partner listing sites including: Google+, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, CityMaps, MapQuest, EZLocal, Foursquare, 8coupons, SuperPages, LocalPages, CitySearch,, GoLocal247, ShowMeLocal, White & Yellow Pages, PhoneNumber, UsCity, PennySaver, etc. (To learn more, please scroll down and read what’s Standard In All Packages).
  • The “Buildout” includes professional videography and/or photography shoot on location and syndicated across our digital marketing platform. We also load video on YouTube and onto social media sites(Google +, Facebook and Foursquare).
  • You get what you pay for. The buildout includes free maintenance, for one year, but we highly recommend adding search engine ranking boosters(Multiple videos, video clips, customer testimonies, written blogs, keyword insertions, and/or additional photography with bi weekly keyword insertions).
  • We provide you with a tangible records of the labor involved to buildout your digital marketing presence. Payment is due upon completion of services rendered.

Search Engine Ranking Algorithm- “Boosters”

Fresh New Content Pushed Throughout The Digital Marketing Platform

$100-$1,000 Per Month (Customizable Monthly Labor Rate Packages)                   

  • Meeting today’s Internet marketing “best practices” standards requires business owners to create “Fresh New Content” and push it all over the internet (Multiple videos, video clips syndication, customer testimonies, employee bio’s, written blogs, and photography with keyword insertions). The problem is that most business owners – and marketers – aren’t set up to meet the new search engine ranking algorithm demands. Those who can, often charge $1,500 or more per month for basic strategies that aren’t very comprehensive.
  • We push fresh new content through our Powerlistings+ network, which includes content generators. We also syndicate video, allowing us to fulfill content requirements while keeping costs low. Another thing that makes Video Internet Services unique is the tools that we offer clients that allow us to partner together so that we can push new content into social media sites.
  • Customized Labor Packages are perfect for small businesses owners who recognize the value of working closely with a local professional who becomes a trusted member of your team.

Videography- Custom Pricing Options

Turn-Key Quotes

Includes our time, production equipment (Sony a99 Full Sensor SLT, Sony HXR-NX70U HD Camcorder, Steady-cam Vest Stabilizing System, 2 sets of Sennheiser 100 ENG G3 Wireless Combo Audio Systems, Sony Field Monitor, LED Portable Lights, Backdrops, etc), and post-production equipment (Final Cut Pro X Editing Software, 27 Inch iMac and more).

Daily Rates(Preproduction, Production, Posting Video Production) 

Filming Rates – $75 per hour,  Editing Film Rates – $100 per hour

$300 per half day, $700 per full day, or a weekly discounted rate of $2,450

Royalty Free Songs / Photographs

$50 Includes Selection Process

Special Requests

Jib Crane, multi-camera operators, and a host of other very rare variables can be added to enhance video production, but they also increase cost exponentially.

Standard In All Packages

All Platforms Include Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Consumers are local. They’re searching online for local solutions to their needs. The reality is that most consumers spend the vast majority of their disposable income within 20 miles of home. In essence, 57 digital billboards target mobile devices and point people toward your business (Our strategy actually targets hundreds of search indexes, but the others occur organically over time, as a byproduct of IP spidering, crawler applications, etc.).

All Platforms Include Mobile and Map Marketing.
Over half of all Internet searches are now done using mobile devices that rely heavily on digital maps so a core component of our geo-marketing strategy is digital maps(MapQuest, Google Maps, etc). Equally important is the data that can be linked to digital maps since statistics indicate that 70% of those searches produce consumer action. So a big part of our efforts go into creating content that enhances Business Profile Listings which function similarly to Websites.

All Platforms Provide Local SEM.
The best Website in the world is no good if your prospects can’t find it. Our powerful search engine marketing strategy pushes your company’s Business Listings Profiles into a place of online prominence so that customers can find them and your Website’s URL when they’re searching for local products or services.

All Platforms Are Designed to Make Your Listings Stand Out.
It’s one thing to be found with pages of other search engine results, but our Business Profile Listings Enhancements (photography, video, bios, descriptions, featured messages, online coupons, etc) make a great first impression which enables our clients to stand out from a crowd.